I think at this point I don’t have to tell you that there will be spoilers.  


I’m wondering if I’m getting to the end of liking this series.  

I’m using the word “like” very loosely, because I never really liked the series, it was more just somewhat mindless entertainment.  What I’m about to say could be taken the wrong way, but I mean it in a way that is slightly less horrible than it sounds.  You don’t need to really think to be able to enjoy this series.  There are no big words, or complex plot points, or, really, anything that takes that much brain power to process.  You can completely stop paying attention for several paragraphs, or several pages, and you won’t miss anything.  Even if something did happen in those pages that you didn’t really pay attention to, it’ll be brought up in the next chapter or the next book.  Probably ad nauseam, especially if it’s a small, fairly insignificant detail.  

The exposition that was in the second book mostly involved retelling large pieces of the flashbacks from the first book.  The things that were brought up were important to the plot.  Even though the author would literally retell the entire scene again, these were important plot points, and it’s important to remember them.  Exposition can be very boring to read, but sometimes it is needed.  The exposition in this book (and the two I read before this) involves mentioning random details that have nothing to do with the plot several times per book.  You don’t have to tell me that Emily’s hair is kind of greenish because of the amount of time she spends in the pool.  I got that the first seven times it was mentioned.  You also don’t have to mention that Hannah’s hair is naturally “poop brown” every other chapter.  Also, on a side note about that, in a book in which all the main characters are obsessed with fashion, dating, and other vapid things that won’t matter in two years, you’d think Hannah would use a word other than poop to describe her natural hair color.  I don’t know what color her hair is exactly.  Honestly I’m too scared to google anything about what color “poop brown hair” would be, but I assume that this hair color could be something close to mousy brown?  Which is my natural hair color.  I prefer to call it “that weird shade of light brown that looks gray in certain lights”, which takes a lot longer to say, but if I heard someone say that I wouldn’t judge them nearly as much as I would if they called their hair color “poop brown”.  This isn’t even done in some self-deprecating or sarcastic way.  It’s completely serious.  I’ve also gotten tired of reading about Spencer’s honey colored highlights or Aria’s blue-black hair.  I get it.  You don’t have to mention their hair colors literally several times a book.  

These books keep saying that Ali would hang out with juniors and seniors when she was twelve.  This never happens in real life.  No junior or senior would voluntarily hang out with a twelve year old.  There are twelve year olds who will force themselves into conversations that juniors and seniors are having, but it’s awkward for everyone involved.  It doesn’t matter how cool or pretty the twelve year old is, juniors and seniors won’t want to hang out with them.  Also, being cool at twelve is way different than being cool at seventeen.  Twelve and seventeen year olds probably don’t even share that many interests.  If a twelve year old tries to hang out with a seventeen year old, chances are that the seventeen year old will laugh at them after they leave.  

Ali’s relationship with Ian kind of bothers me, too, because there’s a very specific type of seventeen year old guy who would date a twelve year old girl.  I’m not trying to make blanket statements or be judgemental, but I’ve only seen one seventeen year old guy date a twelve year old girl, and I’m pretty sure that he dated her because he could ask her to do anything and she’d do it.  Honestly, it’s more sad than anything else-she was so desperate for a boyfriend, and she seemed to think that she only had value as a person if she dated someone, so she dated a guy who was probably horrible to her.  I can’t think of any reason, other than this, that a seventeen year old would date a twelve year old.  It’s creepy.  A five year age gap isn’t a big deal when the two people in the relationship are in their thirties or older, but younger than that, I think it’s weird.  

I also couldn’t imagine why a sixteen year old girl would date an immature fifteen year old boy, no matter how tall he is or how nice his eyes are.  Also, if you’re dating someone only for their height and eyes, that’s shallow and horrible.  

I don’t even know what to say about these books anymore.  Most of what I would say would be repeating what I’ve said in my other reviews.  Probably because most of the plot to each and every book is just the author repeating the same things that were said in the last four books.  

I’m going to finish the series.  Even though this is the fifth book and there are seventeen in the series, I am going to finish reading this.  I just don’t know how much longer I’m going to enjoy them.  

Two stars.  Because I’ve given all the rest of them two stars, and I didn’t tear any of my hair out while reading this.