Spoilers, I guess.  Not super specific but they’re still kinda there.  I’ll put a little warning at the beginning of the spoilery paragraph.  You can read the rest and you’ll probably be fine.  


I didn’t expect to like this book.  I was told that it was creepy and it seemed interesting so I decided to try it but I didn’t have super high hopes.  It seemed kind of like a paranormal romance, which I don’t normally read or like.  I thought it would be one of those books that was entertaining and a page turner, but wasn’t that good.  Basically the literary version of TLC.

I was very, very wrong.  

I loved this book.  I actually cried when I was done reading it.  I know it’s not uncommon for me to cry at books but I didn’t cry at this one because the ending was too sad (even though it wasn’t happy and it literally had me on the edge of my seat).  I cried because it was over.  I haven’t done that since I read Leviathan ‘99 by Ray Bradbury.  (You should read that one, you really should.  Drop everything and go get it now.  You are welcome.)

Honestly the best way to describe how I feel about this book would be to smash my head off the keyboard and scream for an hour, but that would be weird for a written review so I’ll try my best to actually use English and not fangirl too much.  

Oh my god.  

Read this book.  

I didn’t think I would like any of the characters but they were all so well developed and interesting.  I thought that Mara would be too sulky and Noah would be too preppy and irritating for me, BUT NO, I loved them.  Especially Noah.  Which is weird because he’s the one I really expected to not like.  But he was such a well written, interesting character.  And he plays guitar and writes his own music and I just can’t even.  I want to be friends with Noah.  

This next paragraph is the vaguely spoilery part.  It’s not going to ruin the book for you if you know this, but whatever you want to do.  

The one part of this book that I found kind of disappointing was that I was expecting something very creepy, and, in my opinion, it wasn’t.  I guess that having the power to kill with your mind is pretty creepy, but I was expecting something more.  I think that my idea of creepy is more of a sci-fi kind of thing.  Ghosts and demons and murderous mind powers are fine-what’s actually creepy to me is a future society where no one reads, or a world of Deltas and Epsilons.  You may find this creepy.  You may not.  It all depends on your idea of what’s creepy.  This book, while I loved it, did not meet my criteria for creepy.

All the stars for this book.  This was amazing.  I loved it.  I plan to read the sequels as soon as I can get them.  Ten out of ten, would recommend.  GO BUY THIS BOOK NOW.